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About Me

I grew up in Auburn, Maine and as part of one of just a few Jewish families in town was always curious about personal identity, the myriad cultures we all inhabit, and the ways that we think about and treat people who we perceive to be different than ourselves.


As a psychology major in college, I was fascinated by legal psychology and ultimately devoted my senior thesis to exploring the malleability of eyewitness testimony.  I subsequently attended law school in Boston and, after several years of practicing employment law in Boston and Burlington, Vermont, I transitioned to a career in civil rights and Human Resources work, where I found that my collaborative and people-centric personality is best utilized. 


My past employment includes serving as the Assistant Director of Civil Rights for the New England office of the Anti-Defamation League, acting as an HR Business Partner at Maine Medical Center, and spearheading diversity and inclusion work for the staff of the City of Portland, Maine.    As a licensed Professional Investigator, I'm also a seasoned investigator of allegations of harassment and discrimination and discreetly and efficiently conduct workplace investigations in challenging employment situations.


I'm also passionate about engaging middle school students in conversations about personal identity, friend groups, and the roles that our identities play in bullying and cyberbullying.  Through interactive, facilitated conversations, I facilitate middle school students navigating critical conversations about contributing to a safe and inclusive school environment and strategies to safely and effectively intervene in incidents of bullying and cyberbullying.


In the summer of 2020, I launched Mandy Levine Consulting to dedicate my career to helping employers embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the fabric of their organizations.  I feel grateful everyday to partner with organizations large and small, public and private, to navigate these critical conversations with their staff about personal identity, implicit and explicit bias, and prejudice.  My goal is to provide practical guidance on creating a more respectful, inclusive work environments where individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences feel authentically valued, welcome, and heard. 


The way that we experience the world is rooted in our perceptions and it is a gift for me to work with individuals and organizations to explore and perhaps rethink deep-seeded assumptions often rooted in narratives that we've inherited or "the way it's always been done."  I strive to  facilitate these conversations in a positive and practical way.


I am honored to be the co-chair of the Diversity Hiring Coalition of Maine;  the 2019 recipient of the Holocaust and Human Right Center of Maine's Distinguished Service Award, the 2020 recipient of the Jewish Community Alliance of Southern Maine's Aronson Young Leadership Award; and a Corporator of Bangor Bancorp, MHC, the holding company of Bangor Savings Bank.  I'm also honored to be one of ten 2022 honorees of Greenlight Maine's Elevating Voices, which you can watch at Elevating Voices August 7, 2022 (video above).

I reside outside of Portland, Maine with my partner Mark, two kids, two stepkids, two cats, and a quarantine bunny Marmalade. 

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