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Image by Markus Winkler

Workplace Investigations

With years of experience thoroughly and impartially investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, and serious misconduct, I can help your organization make informed and sound decisions in these challenging situations.  I regularly conduct investigations both in workplaces and in higher education.  As an outside, neutral investigator, my role is interview the parties and relevant witnesses; make factual determinations regarding what happened; and, in many instances, prepare conclusions regarding whether any of the organization's policies have been violated. 

As both a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and a licensed Professional Investigator (PI) in Maine, I pride myself on having tremendous attention to detail, conducting interviews in a respectful and neutral manner, and making difficult credibility assessments.  


Let me help your organization get to the root of issues that can devastate your workplace or academic culture and increase your organization's risk if not appropriately and promptly addressed.

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